Hollywood Lights

Hollywood Lights has been lighting up the sky for our clients throughout the Midwest for more than a decade. Create an exciting atmosphere and draw a crowd for your next event with light rentals from Hollywood Lights. For events large and small, Hollywood Lights has you covered. Whether you are having a grand opening for your business, hosting a concert at your venue, or throwing a party, your event will light up the sky throughout the city.

These three well-known cities all have one thing in common: they know how to use lights to make a statement and grab attention. And each time someone uses a light, it sends a message.

No matter what city you live in, you too can use lights to send a message. With event lights rentals from Hollywood Lights in Springfield, MO, you can draw in a crowd and create the perfect mood for your next sale, party, or grand opening.


Based out of Springfield, MO, Hollywood Lights has the leading edge with 4-beam Xenon technology, radiating with 1.5 billion candle power. The overall effect of our lights is an inverted pyramid formed by 4 light beams, opening and closing in a continuously sweeping motion.

It creates a destination beacon luring your audience and increasing traffic by illuminating the night sky and showing customers to your door.

Whether advertising a grand opening or promoting a church event, Hollywood Lights is sure to publicize your event with ambiance while being UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE! Licensed and insured Hollywood Lights promises quality, safe equipment that keeps the focus on your event. Contact Hollywood Lights to showcase your next special event and create a lasting and memorable experience.

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